Real Money Monopoly: What is it and Where to Play Online GemdiscoPH

Real Money Monopoly: What is it and Where to Play Online GemdiscoPH

Monopoly is one of the most well-known board games on a global scale. It is an absolute favorite for both kids and adults due to a number of reasons. In the last couple of years, its popularity has grown even more. The reason being is that, at present, there are numerous online betting platforms that allow customers to play the Monopoly game with real money. This way, you will not only enjoy this absolute masterpiece, but you will actually have the opportunity to win actual cash prizes.

How to Play Monopoly For Real Money Online

The most popular type of real money Monopoly was created by Evolution a few years ago. In no time, the live casino game became one of the most played games at casinos offering live dealer games. That’s far from surprising, considering how good it really is. If you wish to play it, you should simply find a casino that features it. Before you proceed with playing Monopoly with real money, however, we recommend you read our article until the end to get familiar with its specificities.

  •  Monopoly: The Most Well-Liked Board Game of All Time
  •  Real Money Monopoly by Evolution
  •  Perks of Playing Monopoly with Real Money
  •  Where Can I Play Monopoly Real Money Online
Chance CardThe Chance card will award players with a fixed cash prize or a multiplier bonus. If the gambler gets the latter, the host will spin the wheel, and the prize on which the wheel lands will be multiplied. If the bettor gets another multiplier, his multiplier will be multiplied.
2 RollsThe 3D Bonus round will be activated. Mr. Monopoly will take a walk on the board. The players will get to roll the dice twice.
4 RollsThe 3D Bonus game will be activated if the wheel stops at the 4 Rolls sector. This bonus is even more beneficial than the 2 Rolls one due to the fact there will be four dice rolls in total. In other words, the gambler may earn tremendous prizes.
Monopoly: The Most Loved Property Trading Game of All Time

Before we provide you with up-to-date information about the Monopoly game real money, we would first like to point out a few key characteristics of the classical board game all of you have heard of. The very first edition of the game came out in 1935. In the following years, people were presented with more and more editions. At present, there are more than 300 versions of the game, including Pokemon Monopoly, Game of Thrones Monopoly, and so on.

The reason why the game is so likable is that it is suitable for both kids and adults. At the beginning of each game, every player is given $1,500. With this play money, gamers can buy hotels, railways, shops, and so on. As the game progresses, it will become harder and harder to keep your properties. Those who go bankrupt will lose, and the player who remains on the board until the end will be considered the winner.

Although the first Monopoly edition was released so many years ago, right now, the game is still quite popular. There are numerous online games inspired by it, including real money Monopoly. In the next section, we will tell you more about Evolution’s product, focusing on each specificity of the live casino game. If you love playing casino games for real money, you are highly advised to read every single paragraph.

Where to Play Monopoly Online For Real Money
Playing Monopoly Online with Real Money at an Online Casino

We are certain that the casino enthusiasts currently reading this post are already wondering where they can experiment with this live dealer game. The good news is that Evolution partners with several reputable online casinos in the US. We recommend you check out our favorite online casinos offering Evolution games.

It is quite possible for their live dealer casino sections to feature other games by this provider too. After all, Evolution is one of the most prominent developers of live games in the world. Their products are accessible at some of the most popular casinos on a global scale. Or you can go straight to our New Jersey slots page or our Pennsylvania slots page to find the best online casinos in the US to play slots at.

Real Money Monopoly by Evolution Gaming

Evolution is a software provider that is incredibly popular in the online gaming world. Its portfolio is rich, diverse, and super colorful. No matter what type of casino games you like playing, you will find it on the official website of the developer. Table games, slots, and live dealer games.

The real cash Monopoly game is one of the company’s best productions ever. It is accessible to every player of legal age, and the potential rewards one may earn are truly spectacular. Its rules are quite simple, which makes it a perfect pick for newbies and skilled bettors. The first thing you will have to do is to make a deposit on the website offering the game.

Monopoly Big Baller by Evolution

Please, keep in mind that there isn’t a demo version of this game, as Evolution’s Monopoly game is a live dealer game only. In other words, every action takes place in real time. Thus, you cannot test it for free in advance. Once you top up your balance, you will have to lay your bets.

When you load the game, you will see a huge wheel in front of you and a person who will spin it for you. In real money Monopoly, gamblers’ mission will be to predict the section where the wheel will stop at. You may place a wager on one or several numbers. In addition, you may also bet on three special sections, namely Chance, 2 Rolls, and 4 Rolls.

In the table presented at the beginning of our article, we have explained what these special sectors will reveal. If the wheel stops at Chance, the bettor’s wager may be multiplied several times, which can lead to spectacular winnings his way. The 3D Bonus is triggered if you are lucky enough to get 2 Rolls or 4 Rolls.

Please, keep in mind that if you have not placed a bet on these sections, you will still be able to watch Mr. Monopoly walking around the board. However, they will not earn any real prizes. Many gamblers prefer to bet on these sectors, as well, in order not to miss any potential opportunities.

The Perks of Playing Real Cash Monopoly

If you have read the entire previous section, you are probably aware of all the benefits that come with playing Monopoly with real money. The game by Evolution is superb in terms of optimization, potential prizes, and built-in bonuses. according to experts, the average return-to-player ratio of this game is 96.23%, which is quite impressive.

You will be able to play via any device, including smartphones. This fact is far from surprising, considering that every single game by Evolution is completely accessible via tablets and phones. All you will have to do will be to log into your account on the casino offering the game and lay your real money wager on the desired sections.

Additionally, the game is excellent for new bettors and gamblers who love placing huge bets. You can take your chances with a single sector or with three, four, or even five all at once. It all depends on your preferences. It goes without saying that the real cash Monopoly is completely fair, and it has gone through many evaluations by the respective auditors.


We hope that this read has been of great help to those of you who were interested to learn more about the Real Money Monopoly game by Evolution. We have ensured to include all details regarding the product in this article. However, in order to make things easier for you, we will also answer several commonly asked questions about the game in the next paragraphs.

Is real money Monopoly the same as the original board game?

As you already know, the real money Monopoly is inspired by the original board game with the same name. It has been on the market since 1935, and today, it is still considered one of the absolute best board games anyone can play. The real money game, however, is played on a wheel rather than a board.

Can I place more than one bet when playing Monopoly with real money?

Real cash Monopoly by Evolution allows gamblers to lay more than one bet when playing. Many bettors prefer to bet on the Chance, Roll 2, and Roll 4 sectors. The reason being is that if the wheel stops at Roll 2 or Roll 4 an exclusive bonus will trigger. Nevertheless, if you haven’t bet on these sections, you will not earn any rewards from the mini-game.

Is real money Monopoly a good choice for newbies?

Monopoly Live is an excellent pick for novices due to a number of reasons. Firstly, players may lay bets as low as $0.10. Plus, the rules of the game are incredibly simple. And thirdly, the possibility of landing the wheel at any of the special sectors is not determined by the size of one’s wager.

Is real cash Monopoly available on many betting platforms?

There are many dependable gambling websites that allow users to try out their luck with real money Monopoly. It is recommended to look for this particular game at casinos that feature slots by Evolution in their assortments. The possibility of them offering live dealer games by this provider is usually quite high.

Is real money Monopoly available to people under 21?

The casino game Monopoly is incredibly popular. Nonetheless, players under the age of 21 are not permitted to play the game. After all, casinos do not accept minors. Therefore, under-aged individuals cannot access the online Monopoly real money game.

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