Greece Is Brought to the Table with Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette Mines Games Tips

Greece Is Brought to the Table with Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette Mines Games Tips

After Spin & Win Roulette, Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette is another stunning release from Playtech’s studio.

Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette takes direct inspiration from the famous slots saga of the same title. The live casino variant puts a twist on the legendary game by adding a wheel and a table to the mix.

Playtech decided to further furnish their impressive roulette portfolio with this branded casino game.

Eat like the Greek
How to Beat Age of Gods Roulette

Age of the Gods Bonus Live Roulette is the continuation of the legend that Playtech commenced in 2016. AOG Bonus Live Roulette also represents an advanced version of the 2020 launch Age of Gods Roulette Live.

But as we said, this one is upgraded, revamped, and made for great things. AOG Bonus Live Roulette is the live dealer game of the future.

Stunning beauties representing Greek goddesses host the roulette game for you. Most dealers are girls, making this feast more appealing and alluring. Greek hostesses wear gorgeous beige gowns with golden details at the belt. Their hair loose, you’ll sometimes see ornaments on their heads akin to a woven crown.

What singles out Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette is the jackpot offering. Namely, there are four progressive jackpots to win:

  • Power
  • Extra Power
  • Super Power
  • Ultimate Power

Remember, though, that the Age of the Gods Jackpot contribution totals 0.99% of your bet, up to $0.25.

When we played Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette for the first time, a person won a $166,265 jackpot.

It’s crucial to note that all jackpots are completely random. Progressives always come as unexpected surprises and cannot be predicted in any way. So, with jackpots, there is no recommended strategy.

In AOG Bonus Roulette, there are 20 seconds between rounds. The moderate waiting time makes the game enjoyable and not too quick. You get time to indulge in the ancient columns on the backdrop and the possible bets selection.

How to Play Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette
Age of gods Bonus Roulette Live Strategy

To start playing Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette, place any of the many bet types on offer:

  • Straight-up
  • AoG Bonus
  • Split
  • Street
  • Corner/Basket
  • Line
  • Column/Dozen
  • Red/Black
  • Even/Odd
  • 1-18/19-36

Betting limits go from $0.20 up to $1,000. The minimum bet in the Age of the Gods Roulette is 20 cents. The maximum bet depends on the type of bet you’re placing. Always consult the Table Limits for details before wagering.

On top of the standard bets, you can place the following French bets:

  • Tier (a third of the wheel)
  • Orphelins (orphans)
  • Voisins du Zero (neighbors of zero)
Bonus Features

AoG Bonus Roulette is a kingdom of bonus features. Stacked with diverse and rewarding functionalities, this game is our favorite.

The first extra feature is the four progressive jackpots. These are unpredictable and drop randomly. In the upper section of the screen, you’ll notice at how much each jackpot seeds and its current value.

The trademark feature that makes Age of the Gods Roulette memorable is the Bonus bet. Marked with a purple pocket on the wheel, the Bonus round can cash out up to 300x.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to multipliers.

The coolest thing is that any bet qualifies for each bonus feature.

Another way to claim your share of the AoG multipliers is within the Bonus game. When the ball lands on the purple pocket, the Bonus game begins.

This is a slot game with a single payline. The RNG software renders the procedure. The goal is to align three matching symbols. Match Age of the Gods characters – Athena, Zeus, Poseidon, or Hercules three times for multipliers 5x up to 100x.

Age of Gods Bonus Game Multipliers
Helpful Tools

Furthermore, regarding the UI, Playtech made it simple and easy-to-use. The company integrated the Lucky Dip functionality, which creates random lucky numbers for you. You can choose between Lucky 5, Lucky 7, and Lucky 8.

There’s also Playtech’s famous Bet Creator which also allows you to save your bets for any upcoming round should you want to repeat them.

Below the table layout, you’re offered a double bet by clicking on a button, which significantly speeds up the process.

Where to Play

Do we already have your mouth watering? We sure would be interested in where to play the Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette.

  1. Betfair – a bookie, online casino, and live casino, it is all in one. This operator has been offering Playtech’s games since 2000, aka from the beginning. They are senior business partners and veterans of the online gambling industry. Reliable, safe, and quick to process your withdrawals – that’s Betfair.Play AoG Roulette at Betfair Live Casino!
  2. Mr Green – Our readers are well acquainted with this operator. Mr Green is a top pick on all our lists. The band continually proves its established reputation to be genuinely eminent. Playtech was one of the first providers to embellish Mr Green’s live dealer lobby.
  3. EuroGrand – Another multi-licensed operator with enormous prestige and an opulent game selection. You can enjoy all Playtech’s titles AoG slots, bingo, poker, and more. If you want to go for traditional gambling, EuroGrand is the place for you.
Our Experience with Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette

In our opinion, Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette is the best live roulette variant on the market right now.

By adding the Bonus bet, the developer added indescribable excitement that no other company has. There are other fish in the jackpot roulette sea, but AoG beats them all by a mile.

The environment is inviting, the dealers beautiful and talkative, bets numerous and rewarding. Multipliers are swarming – 5x up to 100x, plus the 300x in the bonus round. What else could a player ask for?

Play Age of the Gods Bonus Roulette today. Reach its maximum potential and enjoy it!

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