Progressive Slot Online Mines Game Casino to Play

Progressive Slot Online Mines Game Casino to Play

This year is certainly flying by, and here we are in mid-April already! If you are looking for a few progressive slot games to play in the coming days, then please do read on for we have a few slots for you to consider playing.

As you will probably already know, a progressive jackpot awarding slot game can and will award its jackpot at different times and for different amounts, and being completely random machines any spin you play off could see you winning a life changing jackpot win.

However, many players will religiously only play certain slots offering such a jackpot when the value of those jackpots has grown in value to some rather high amounts. With this in mind below you will find information on just which online slot games currently have huge jackpots attached to them, and as such these may be the slots you will be more interested in playing!

Just be aware that there are usually certain ways that you have to play some progressive slot games online to have any chance of winning the progressive jackpots, which could be playing maximum paylines or playing maximum coin spins!

Microgaming Slots About to Hit

One slot game which will always be worth playing is the Mega Moolah slot from Microgaming as by playing this slot of which there are in fact several in the slot game series a bonus game can be triggered at the end of any base game spin, no matter at what stakes you are playing it for, and when you have played off the wheel spinning bonus game awarded you will win one of the four different progressive jackpots displayed at the top of the slot games screen.

However, this series of slots has the biggest jackpot attached to it of any Microgaming slot that being the Mega Jackpot, and thanks to a lot of real money gaming action by players recent the jackpot has grown in size to a whopping £4,076,492, which means it may just be about to be won by one lucky player!

In fact should you be that lucky player then it is always worth keeping in mind that you can request the jackpot payout be sent to you in one single payment, and that jackpot will then be sent to you in a matter of days, as all progressive jackpot winners at all Microgaming powered sites are paid their winnings in one single payout.

NetEnt Progressive Jackpots Slots worth Playing

When you log into a NetEnt software powered casino site you will be able to play lots of slot games via a no download required gaming platform, and there are plenty of different progressive slot game son offer.

There are some slots offering progressive jackpots that are all linked together and as such the jackpots attached to those slots are always the same size, and you could win the big one when playing any of them. A set of slots from NetEnt that do share the same progressive pools are the Triple Wins slot the Fishy Fortune slot and the Arabian Nights slot.

If you are interested in playing a range of high paying slot games any of those three slot games will be worth playing in April 2015 as the jackpot has now grown to in excess of €2,582,725.

Just be aware that those jackpots could be won at any time, so do have a look at the jackpot meters before playing them as the jackpots may have just been won and if so the jackpot will then be reset to the seed value is they have just been won!

Playtech Slots that Could Soon Payout

Never forget that there is lots of different gaming platforms on which you can play a very diverse range of progressive slot games online, and it is always going to be worth taking a close look at just how high the progressive jackpots have grown on Playtech’s Gaming Platform!

We have always been fans of Playtech slots as both their progressive and non-progressive slot games come packed with lots of different bonus features which makes their slots very enjoyable to play and very entertaining slots.

If you do wish to get stuck into playing some of Playtech’s many slot games then one that could be worth a few spins in the coming days or even weeks is the Beach Life slot for its current jackpot value is an enormous  $4,372,219, and it may just be about to pay out!


You will find that not many online progressive slot games can be accessed and play for free due to the way that it is a small percentage of players stakes that are used to feed the jackpot pools. However, you can play Playtech’s Marvel Jackpot slot games in a free to play environment but the progressive jackpot awarding bonus games will be deactivated when you play those slots for free.

However, by sampling those slots for free you will find out how they work and operates and how the main bonus games play and play, and as such if you do simply want to test drive a range of slot games which you may enjoy playing for real money but in a no risk playing environment then please do give some of those slots which are available at our featured Playtech casino sites a try.

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