Mines Games Pattern Video Poker Most Frequently Asked Questions

Mines Games Pattern Video Poker Most Frequently Asked Questions

Video Poker is a favorite game choice for the poker community and fun alternative to playing slots. Widely available at land based and online casinos, it has grown significantly over the years gaining noted popularity among gamblers.

1. What is the difference between Video Poker and Table Game Poker?

Video Poker is played on a machine that does not have a dealer. Instead of playing against the dealer in a table game setting you are playing no one but yourself non-competitively.

2. Is a Video Poker machine comparable to a Video Slot machine?

Similar only in the fact that it is a Video machine but entirely different in the way it is played.

3. Is it recommended to someone that does not know how to play poker at all?

No – there are the basics to learn before considering to play Video Poker.

4. What should I know before playing Video Poker?

Although almost every machine displays the Poker payouts above or on the side of game it is important to know what beats what in poker hands.

5. How many decks of cards are used in Video Poker?

There is one deck, 52 cards (53 if Joker is used) in a single handed game.

6. How many winning poker combinations are there?

It depends on the game variation played but the most basic poker hands include: Royal FlushStraight FlushFour of a Kind, Full HouseFlushStraightTwo Pair and One Pair (Jacks or Better).

7. Is there a strategy to playing Video Poker?

Yes – a player needs to know what the best cards to hold are and what cards to discard on the deal.

8. Is risk part of the skill of playing good Video Poker?

Definitely – For example if you are a dealt a flush but it is 4 to the Jackpot Royal Flush it is worth risking the Flush for a chance to win the Royal.

9. What is the worst hands to hold in Video Poker?

Holding a Face card (King, Queen, Jack) with another face card not suited.

10. How much does it cost to play Video Poker?

There are penny, nickel, quarter, 50 cent, one dollar and 5 dollar machines.

11. Is there Video Poker for high rollers?

Yes – there are ten dollar, 25 dollar and 100 dollar machines.

12. Is there more than one variation to choose from?

Yes – there are many Video Poker game variations to select from.

13. When selecting a game what should a player know?

It is important to know what the winning payout hands are. For example four aces may pay more than other four of a kind hand.

14. Do some games pay more than others for the same hand?

Yes – it depends on the type of game selected which will have vary in payout value.

15. What game is recommended for a player new to Video Poker?

The most common, basic game is Jacks or Better or Deuces Wild.

16. What games are recommended for bigger payouts?

Bonus type games or special features that include multipliers.

17. Can more than one hand be played at one time?

Yes – multi-line Video is available offering up to 100 hands per game.

18. How are the cards dealt and drawn on multi-hand games?

On the deal every hand is dealt the same set of cards and on the draw each hand is dealt a separate set of cards.

19. Is Video Poker online similar to playing land based games?

Yes they are. In fact there are some Video Poker software providers that offer the same games online as in land based casinos.

20. How can I learn more to become a skilled Video Poker player?

We offer an expansive list of helpful guides plus Free Video Games to practice in our Free Games section.

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