How to Practice Blackjack Online to Win More in Mines Game

How to Practice Blackjack Online to Win More in Mines Game

If you are just looking for a website where you can practice blackjack online, check out this website and get started playing free blackjack games.

But if you want to get a complete online blackjack practice, there are a few things you need to keep in mind first. Bear with me for a couple of minutes while I walk you through them.

Otherwise, pick one of the three sites here, claim their bonus, and use it to create your personal free online blackjack trainer!

Online Blackjack Practice – Start with the Rules

Even if you know the blackjack rules already, it’s always a good idea to refresh your memory on some things. Especially the ones that can help play better.

In case you don’t, I’ve got you covered. And it will only take a moment.

In the classic version of blackjack, the player or the players and the dealer get two cards each.

Card values are as follows:

{2-}{3-}{4-}{5-}{6-}{7-}{8-}{9-}{10-}Their numeric value
{j-}{q-}{k-}All valued at 10 points
{a-Clubs}{a-Spades}{a-Hearts}{a-Diamonds}1 or 11 points

The objective of the game is to beat the dealer. You can do it in three ways:

  1. Get the value of 21 points on your cards while the dealer gets anything but 21.
  2. Get fewer points than 21 but more than the dealer gets.
  3. Get fewer points than 21 while the dealer goes over 21.

You see 21 a lot here. 21 points are also called a blackjack, as well as the blackjack sometimes game is called 21.

No matter how you call it, the rules stay the same. And knowing them is enough to start practising blackjack online.

Blackjack Terms to Remember

No matter where you decide to practice blackjack online, there are a couple of terms you won’t be able to avoid.

  • Hit: To draw one more card with hopes to make it a total of 21 points or less but still higher than the dealer’s hand.
  • Stand To stop drawing more cards because of the fear of going over 21.
  • Bust To have a hand with points going over 21. When your hand busts, you lose.
  • Push To have a tie with the dealer. It means you neither win nor lose.
  • Split In case of having two cards of the same value, to bet and play each of them as a different hand.
  • Double down To double the bet and draw one more (but the last) card. At some online casinos, it’s possible on any hand, at others only when you have a total of 10 or 11 points. Make sure to read the rules of doubling down at your preferred Blackjack game online.
  • Insurance To make a side bet that the dealer has a Blackjack. Only applicable if the dealer’s face-up card is an Ace. The bet has half value of the original bet and loses if the dealer doesn’t have a Blackjack.
Practice Blackjack Online – Try Different Variants

Why do you need to know about Blackjack variants to practice blackjack online?

All the best sites to play online blackjack will offer you more than one version of the game. And it’s up to you to choose what you prefer and what you’re better off.

Odds-wise, single-deck blackjack is the best game you can play and one all pro blackjack players prefer.

However, other variants like blackjack surrender, European blackjack, and Spanish blackjack can be great fun, too!

If you already know which one you want, click on the game below to open a table and play.

If you’re new at this, I have a few recommendations first.

Many players will tell you to start with classic blackjack — and they are right.

The ‘problem’ is that many websites call this game in different ways, especially when they decide to make a distinction between the American and the European versions.

American vs European Blackjack

If you’ve played roulette before, you know the game comes in two distinct versions – one with two zeroes (American roulette) and one with a single zero (European roulette).

The same happens with blackjack, even if the difference between these is more subtle.

It’s all about how the cards are dealt for the dealer.

In American blackjack, players get both cards face up while the dealer gets one face up and another one face down (the the hole card).

american Blackjack

If the first card is an Ace, the dealer checks the hole card right away to see if he has a blackjack or not.

If the hole card is a 10 or a face card, the dealer wins and the players lose without even making a move.

If it’s not a 10 or a face card, the dealer puts the card back keeping it face down.

In a game of European blackjack, however, the dealer gets only one card face up. The second card appears on the table only after the players make their moves.

european Blackjack

This small difference gives you a possibility to make extra blackjack side bets without knowing whether the dealer has 21 or not.

Since European blackjack features a higher house edge, games of American blackjack are a better choice when it comes to online Blackjack practice or real money hands.

The perfect combination, if you know how to count cards in blackjack, would be to find games in the American variant where you can apply the single deck blackjack basic strategy. But, unfortunately, those aren’t very common.

Multi-Hand Blackjack
multihand Blackjack

If you’re a beginner looking for ways to practice blackjack online, I’d suggest trying a few games of multi-Hand blackjack online for free.

The games plays like classic blackjack, with the only difference being that you bet on multiple hands at the same time.

If you don’t have enough people to play blackjack with friends online, this is a good way to see more hands and get a hold of the game faster.

You can usually play multi-hand blackjack with two, three, or five hands.

21 Burn Blackjack
How to Practice Blackjack Online to Win More 101

Another interesting version of the game you can practice online for free is 21 Burn Blackjack.

Together with the two dealt cards, you get an extra burn card, face down.

Once you have it, you can add an element of gambling to the game and decide whether you want to replace your second card with the burn one.

For a fee.

If you choose to play with the burn card, you need to make an additional bet on it.

If the burn card is {a-Spades}, you receive 7:1 for your extra wager. The payout goes down to 2:1 in case the burn cars if it’s another ace and zero if it isn’t an ace.

Blackjack Surrender
Blackjack surrender

Blackjack surrender is another popular version of the game. It follows the classic American blackjack play with an extra move. That move is called a Surrender.

Once you see your cards and one of the dealer’s, you can surrender if you think you’ll lose with your hand anyway.

The possibility to surrender applies only on your first two cards. Thus, if you decide to hit instead, you won’t have the option once you see the third card.

A surrender makes half of the wager go back to you no matter what the outcome would have been if you had played.

Which Variant to Play to Practice Blackjack Online?

If you play with free credits – play all of them.

Start with the classic blackjack (preferably, the American one) or the multi-hand one, then move on to different versions.

You’ll see some difference and get a chance to choose which variant you prefer.

If you play real money Blackjack online, in the beginning, make small bets and see what moves make you win more

Finally, to make blackjack practice online worth your while, try to put some basic Blackjack strategy in place.

Blackjack Practice Online – Basic Blackjack Strategy Tips

Another perk of practising blackjack online is a possibility to figure out whether the blackjack strategy tips work. Or not so much.

I’ve read hundreds of such tips. I won’t tell you all of them, only those that worked for me. You can test them for yourself later.

Double down on 11. There’s a decent chance to get a face card after and then to have 21 points in total. This tip works when the dealer doesn’t have an Ace as the open card first.

Always hit on 9 or less. There’s no way you will win with 9 points or less. Plus, the highest card you can get is 10 and it wouldn’t make you bust either way.

Always stand on 17 or more. There’re fewer chances to get a 21 and more to bust if you do otherwise. So, it’s safer to stand and hope for the dealer to bust first.

Use the basic strategy. Yes, the most popular Blackjack strategy is called the basic strategy. It includes the tips mentioned above and a lot more.

To avoid writing all it down and confusing you, better check the chart below or download this blackjack cheat sheet.

While you won’t memorize everything during the first hands you play, in the long run it will come naturally when playing blackjack online.

You can practice blackjack online free with the chart open in another tab of your browser or on your screen while you play from your phone.

You won’t annoy anyone if you take a bit longer to make bets.

That’s why playing online is such an advantage for beginners and the best way to practice any casino game.

Best Way to Learn is to Practice Blackjack Online for Free

As I’ve already mentioned above, choosing the right blackjack game depends on how you play it: for real money or with free play credits.

If you choose online blackjack practice for free – anything is possible. You usually get enough free credits to practice the game and all its variants.

I’d recommend playing for free before trying to play for real money.

Practice Blackjack Online for Free

This website is one of my favorite online platforms to play blackjack online.

Not only because you find there excellent live blackjack games, but also because you can register to practice blackjack online for free.

You get free credits for each of the games and it will take you a while to spend it all at one of the best blackjack sites available in 2020.

All the free blackjack games on the website are simple to use, intuitive, and perfect for beginners.

Another reason you should practice Blackjack online free there is that you learn how to play blackjack in a real online casino environment.

If you choose some social casino app to play blackjack online for fun, it still works. But then if you decide to switch and play for real money, you might experience “cultural shock”.

The platforms, payouts, buttons, and everything else in the game will look different. When you play on a real casino site, albeit you do it for free, you don’t risk that.

And then, of course, there’s a bonus, too.

You get a welcome bonus on your deposit so that you get quite a few extra money to get started with ‘the real deal’ — if you feel the free practice helped you master the game.

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