How Does the Everybody’s Jackpot Progressive Slot Online Mines Game Casino Work?

How Does the Everybody’s Jackpot Progressive Slot Online Mines Game Casino Work?

As you will soon discover when you have an interest in playing progressive slot games online, there are dozens of them available, and it will be dependent on just which online casino site you choose to play as in regards to just how many different progressive slot games you will have access to .

However, when you choose to play at any of our top rated online casinos irrespective of the gaming platform they have available each one is going to give you access to many different progressive slot machines and often several other type of progressive games including video poker and blackjack progressive games.

But one thing is always going to be at the forefront of your mind whenever you choose to play at any online casino site and opt to give the progressive jackpot paying slots any amount of play time, and that is your chances of winning one of those huge and very growing jackpots is going to be low, in fact the vast majority of slot players will never be lucky enough to win a progressive jackpot in their lifetime!

Playtech, who are one of the most popular casino gaming platform suppliers know that progressive slot players are always eager to play newly designed and structured slot game online, and they also know those players know the chances of winning a progressive jackpot are low, and as such they have designed and have now released a brand new progressive slot game which not only awards a huge progressive jackpot but also offers other players who have played that slot recently a share of the jackpot payout when it is finally won!

Therefore this progressive slot which goes by the name of the Everybody’s Jackpot progressive slot is going to be one you will be very interested in and once you discover just how it plays and pays we can guarantee you will be wanting to give it some play time yourself!

Share the Huge Jackpot Payout

The first thing you need to know about the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game is that the jackpot is going to be randomly awarded and as such any player playing this slot for real money, at any time, could randomly be awarded this huge progressive jackpot.

The player who is awarded that jackpot will then instantly win 70% of the jackpot payout which is added instantly to their player account, 15% of the jackpot pool is also paid out to all of the other qualifying players playing the slot at the time that jackpot is won.

However, the last 15% of the jackpot pool is going to be awarded to players who have played this slot within the last 24 hours of the jackpot being won, as long as they qualified by placing the required number of wagers during the 24 hours before the jackpot was won then they will get a share of the jackpot pool.

The share of that 15% prize pool is determined by the stakes at which they played the game for in those last 24 hours and as such all players will win a proportional share of the jackpot based on the overall stake levels they put into play.

Be aware that this slot games can and does offer a free spins bonus feature round however as you are playing off a set of free spins you are unable to win the progressive jackpot randomly during that bonus game as it is only awarded to players at the end of a paid for base game spin.

If you require any additional information about the Everybody’s Jackpot slot game then please check out the pay table attached to the game or consult the help files of the slot.


Please do not fall into the trap that a large number of progressive slot players fall into and that is to start chasing a progressive jackpot, many players will refuse to stop playing a progressive slot game when they have become obsessed with trying to win that jackpot or think they are going to win that jackpot and can often find they spend a large amount of cash trying to win it but never actually do!

You will find plenty of other progressive slot games in addition to this Everybody’s Jackpot slot offered at each of our reviewed and fully licensed online casino sites, and you should always find one that is affordable to play based on your available slot playing bankroll!

However, as you could end up wining a very sizeable amount of cash as your share of the Everybody’s Jackpot winning payout should another player win the jackpot shortly after you have, then you should always try and play a few spins on this slot until such a time that you then qualify for a share of that jackpot if it is won within twenty four hours of your playing the slot!

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