Craps Mines Games Tips Buy Bets A Complete Guide

Craps Mines Games Tips Buy Bets A Complete Guide

A buy bet in craps is just one of the many betting options available to players. They are one of the few bets that casino gamblers can place and receive “true” odds on their wager. There is a price to pay for these bets, though.

Many beginners stay away from these wagers because they can be difficult to master. But veterans of craps casinos can use buy bets in craps to their advantage.

Keep reading for a breakdown of everything you need to know about making craps buy bets. I will also go over some common strategies used by players that like making buy bets.

What Is a Buy Bet in Craps?

First and foremost, what is a buy bet in craps? Simply put, buy bets allow players to wager on specific outcomes. The number must be between 4 and 10 and cannot be 7. Players have the option to make these wagers after the point number has been set for that round.

Your wager lasts until the shooter craps out, but you can add or remove buy bets before that. Following each round, you will have the opportunity to either cash out or let your bet stand for the next round.

Another key part of craps buy bets is that players receive “true” odds, without the built-in house edge. To offset this loss, casinos charge a commission, also known as vig, on each buy bet. If you are lucky, the casino you are playing at will only charge commissions on losing buy bets.

What Does Buy Mean in Craps?

Most casino bets that you make have a house edge built into them. This is because the payout odds for that bet are lower than the true odds. For example, the true odds of rolling a 4 or 10 are 2:1.

However, if you make a 4 or 10 place bet, then you’ll only receive payout odds of 9:5. This difference in odds creates the house edge of 6.67% for the casino.

When you make a buy bet, you eliminate the house edge and get the 2:1 payout odds. This reduces the house edge from 6.67% to between 1.76% and 4.76%. The difference is that you must pay the casino a commission instead.

Each casino sets its own commission rate, but it’s usually around 5%. Some casinos collect the commission when you place the wager, and others wait until you win or lose. The timing of your commission payment also affects the house edge, with most players preferring to pay only if they win.

Are Buy Bets Good Bets to Make?

There are a lot of betting options for craps players to choose from. A key part of any winning strategy is deciding which bets to make and when to place them. So, should craps buy bets be a part of your strategy?

If you are focused on reducing the house edge as much as possible, then yes, you should incorporate buy bets into your craps strategy. The reduced house edge could help you win more money over an extended period of time.

NumbersPlace Bet PayoutBuy Bet PayoutChance of Winning
 4 or 109:52:18.33%
 5 or 97:53:211.11%
 6 or 87:66:513.88%

Not all buy bets are created equal, though. There are several factors that players should consider, such as the amount and payment rules for the commission on the bet. Also, some buy bets will still have a high house edge that makes them unfavorable for players.

Craps Buy Bet Strategies

If you do decide to make buy bets in craps, then you need to have a strategy for how to make your wagers. There are several strategies that craps players can use to maximize the advantages of this style of bet.

Reduce the House Edge as Much as Possible

Where you decide to play craps should be an important part of your strategy. If you plan to make buy bets in craps, then you need to know the casino’s rules for these wagers. You should pay close attention to factors like the commission amount and when it is collected.

These factors can have major impacts on how much you can reduce the house edge. Choosing casinos that let you lower the house edge as much as possible will increase your odds of having success.

Use Buy Bets to Improve Other Wagers

Another strategy that is popular with fans of buy bets in craps is to use them in combination with specific betting systems. There are a ton of popular craps betting strategies that you will see players use, including:

  • Hammerlock
  • The Iron Cross
  • Risk 12

Using buy bets in combination with these betting strategies can help reduce the house edge. As a result, the strategies can be more effective and lead to more consistent wins.

Avoid Buying 6 or 8

One of the biggest advantages of buying bets in craps is that it allows the player to significantly lower the house edge on some wagers. The amount the edge is reduced will depend on the buy wagers you choose to make and the casino’s rules.

The reduction in the house edge is not always worth the price of the commission, though. For example, placing a 6 or 8 bet can have a better house edge than buying a 6 or 8 bet at some casinos. That is why many players avoid buying the 6 or 8 wager when they are making their craps betting strategy.

Tips for Making Buy Bets in Craps

The buy bet in craps can significantly increase your chances of winning if used correctly. Here are four tips to help you use buy bets more effectively in craps.

Find Favorable Commission Rules

If you plan on making buy bets then you will need to pay commission payments. Each casino sets its own rules for commissions, including when you have to pay them. Finding casinos with player-friendly commission rules can be a huge help for craps players.

For instance, if you only have to pay commissions when you win, then you will make fewer commission payments. If the casino requires you to pay upfront, then you will need to pay the vig every time you make a buy bet. These extra payments can burn through your bankroll.

Practice With Free Games

Buy bets can be confusing for new craps players. Luckily, you can practice making these wagers without risking your bankroll.

Many of the top gambling sites that offer craps, including DuckyLuck Casino, offer free versions of their paid games. This means you can practice all of your craps strategies, including those with buy bets, without losing any money.

Once you have mastered buy bets, you can easily switch to paid versions of the game. DuckyLuck Casino even offers great casino bonuses to help you get started playing for real.

Take Advantage of Casino Bonuses

Speaking of casino bonus offers, using promotional offers can help even experienced bettors increase their chances of winning. Many of the top online craps casinos offer bonuses to new and existing members.

Using the right bonuses can increase your bankroll by, in some cases, thousands of dollars. Wild Casino, for instance, has a welcome bonus that is worth up to $9,000. The casino also offers bonuses to returning members that can increase their budget on a regular basis.

Using bonuses will help you play longer and place more buy bets. Playing with bonus funds can also decrease your risk because you are not betting as much of your own money. Bonus funds are also a good option for practicing buy bets if your chosen casino does not offer free craps games.

Stick to Your Betting Limits

Placing buy bets can be a good way to lower the house edge. However, at many casinos, this will come with an increased cost upfront.

If you have to pay the vig before you bet, then you will be paying a lot of money over time. Sometimes this is unavoidable depending on where you choose to play craps. Regardless of when you have to pay the commission, you need to make sure you stick to your betting limits.

Sticking to your bankroll will be harder to do if you are paying the vig frequently. Even if you only have to pay when you win, you still need to account for the cost of the commission when setting your bankroll. This will make it easier to stick within your limits.

Will You Make Buy Bets in Craps?

Craps buy bets are a great tool for players who want to lower the house edge. When used effectively, these bets can reduce the edge to below 2% on many common craps wagers. Much of the effectiveness of these wagers will depend on the casino’s rules, though, and players have to pay a commission.

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