Avoid These Mistakes Playing Video Poker Online for Money


To play video poker online for real money you should understand that to win it requires that the player have the highest hand possible; but to win the larger prizes in online video poker games means the player needs the Royal Flush. Why do players need the Royal Flush? Because hitting the Royal Flush means winning the biggest jackpot. Real money video poker can be very lucrative, if the player knows how to set the odds in their favor.

Things To Look For

Look at the payouts. The payout amounts for all video poker machines are the same with the exception of the payouts for the Flush, the Full House, and the Royal Flush. Players who play online video poker for money should play the machines with the higher payouts for a Full House and the Royal Flush. The best machines have a payout of 9 coins for a full house and 6 coins for a Royal Flush. The 9/6 machines are typically Jacks or Better games.

Avoid These Mistakes

#1) Avoid the impulse to play any machine. Instead, play the machines with the highest payouts.

#2) Avoid holding a high card when you have a pair. If the high card is not part of the pair, then discard it as it wastes space in your hand. This is one of the most common mistakes a player makes and can reduce your chance of winning by 5%.

High Noon Casino Video Poker

#3) To maximize payouts, players who play video poker online for cash should avoid playing less than the maximum number of coins allowed. On a machine that has a maximum bet of three coins and players play just one or two coins, the player is simply priming the machine for other players who play maximum coins. The appearance of the Royal Flush (biggest jackpot) is roughly once every 40,000 plays on the machine with the biggest payout for the flush. This is exactly the reason why it is important always to bet the maximum amount especially on progressive machines.

#4) Avoid playing for shorter periods of time. The short game period decreases the odds of the player hitting the Royal Flush. Again, the Royal Flush is the highest payout and the key to winning the big jackpot.

Instead play for longer periods of time. It takes roughly 40 hours of play on a video poker machine to reach 40,000 plays. Keep in mind that the Royal Flush appears once in every 40,000 plays. Playing longer improves the player’s odds of hitting the Royal Flush.

#5) Study your hand carefully, especially online. When you play online there is no time limit, so there is no rush and consider all your options carefully.

Finding Good Video Poker Casinos Online

Playing video poker online for real money is not just about avoiding the common mistakes of most players. It is also about where you play. Choose an online casino that is trustworthy. Look for special offers such as a special sign up bonuses for video poker. The sign up bonus can vary substantially from one casino to another casino, as can the number of video poker games. These are important elements to setting the stage for playing online video poker for real money.

In our video poker section you can find some good video poker casinos online for US, European, UK and Canadian players. A comprehensive review is provided for each casino that will include information about bonuses, software, jurisdiction, languages, and deposit & withdrawal methods.

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