7 Movie Themed Slot Machines

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From the first development of the movies in 1895 by the Lumiere brothers, movies have been a huge success. The movie industry has an estimated global box office of over 38 billion dollars a year and produces hundreds of movies each year to keep us entertained.
Over the years the movie industry has been divided up into many different genres. You’ve got comedies, dramas, action, science fiction, young adult, family, and many more. This insures that there’s always something for everyone to watch.

With the growth in technology, movies have become full of special effects, over the top action scenes, and unbelievably life like characters in animated movies. All of these features have been brought over into the slot machines that have been developed based on some of the biggest movies of all time.

I’m going to go through some of the movie themed slots I’ve found that can be played online. These movies range from comedy to science fiction. Some of them are blockbusters while others are cult classics, but one thing they all have in common is the great slot machine you can play based on them.

1 – Ace Ventura Slot Machine

Jim Carrey became a household name when he played Ace Venture Pet Detective. In the movies Ace is a pet detective that helps solve crimes related to animals. The movie is full of outrageous full body comedy from Ace who drives with his head sticking out the window and finding himself in harmful situations.

The game is a 5 reel game but the game doesn’t have regular pay lines like most games. Instead it comes with Playtech’s 243 ways to win feature. This feature makes it easier for you to win and insures you don’t ever miss out because you’re changing the number of pay lines being played.

The symbols in the game all have Ace in them. You have his pet detective badge, Ace and a monkey, Ace in two cars, and of course the poker symbols found in most slot games. Ace flashing his card is the wild symbol. When this symbol appears it subs for any symbol except the bonus and scatter symbols.

When you get three of the Bonus symbols the free games are triggered. When the free games are triggered you get seven free spins. During the free spins you can combine the animal modifiers collected during the base game to get awesome wins.

During the base game you can also get extra wilds in two different ways. Ace can randomly show up on the reels and summon his jungle friends to give you extra wilds on the reels. If he sneaks across the reels the wilds stack up. Ace can also appear when you spin and don’t get a win to re-spin the reels until you do get a win. Each re-spin increases the multiplier added when you do finally get a win.

The game, like the movie, is full of color and hilarious symbols. Every once in a while you even get sound clips from the movie that play.

I myself am not a huge Jim Carrey fan and Ace Ventura isn’t a movie I would willingly watch, but this slot game is surprisingly fun. With the many different ways to win and all the special features you’re bound to find some kind of enjoyment out of the game.

2 – Forrest Gump Slot Machine

In 1994 the world was introduced to an amazing man who persevered through life with the heart of gold and his name was Forrest Gump. Though Forrest wasn’t the smartest boy in the world his life was full of love from family and some very special friends.

The Forrest Gump slot machine is a great adaptation for the movie. Even though the symbols that represent the characters could’ve been done better the game still has a great wholesome feel to it just like the movie.

The game is a 5 reel 25 pay line game that offers betting ranges between .01 per line and $20 per line. This makes the minimum bet 25 cents and the maximum bet per spin a whopping $500. This broad range is perfect for the game because it covers anyone who wants to play from the first timers with little money to the high rollers.

In this game you’re going to find some familiar symbols. You get to see Jenny, Lt. Dan, and Forrest as the higher paying symbols. Then you have an Army helmet, Ping Pong paddles, red hat, and Momma’s house.

The game also has special features that can be triggered by different symbols. The scatter symbol for the game is a box of chocolates. Getting two or more of these on a pay line can pay between two and 200 coins. This symbol also triggers a bonus game when you get three or more of them on the reels.

The Box of Chocolates feature triggers free spins that are carried out on a different set of reels. The number of free spins awarded is determined by picking a box of chocolates to reveal a number. This number is the how many spins you get. When your spins start you get a three reel game with assorted chocolates on it. As you get matching combinations they are removed and new chocolates fall into the empty spaces to make more combinations. This continues on until no combinations are made and your next spin starts.

The football symbol in the game also triggers a special feature. This feature is triggered when three or more footballs land on the reels at the same time. In this features you’re asked to click the run button which send Forrest running down the football field. For every 10 yards he goes you receive a prize and if he gets all the way down and makes a touchdown you get an extra bonus prize.

This slot also has a jackpot attached to it. These jackpots are triggered at random and aren’t influenced by any symbol combination.

With all these great features and a theme based on such a beloved film you can’t go wrong with Forrest Gump.

3 – Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Slot Machine

This 1980’s cult classic is one of the most recognizable movies all time. It has many catch phrases that have become popular and any teenager who has ever seen the movie knew exactly how Ferris felt. We’ve all wanted to just take a day off from time to time and this game can give us a little bit of the break we all so desperately want.

The game is a 5 reel game that comes with 35 different pay lines to rack up the wins on. The game also has great betting denominations you can choose from starting as low as one penny and can go as high as $5 per line. This gives you a total minimum bet of 35 cents and a maximum of $175 per spin.

The symbols you’ll find in the game are Principal Rooney, Save Ferris button, the red Ferrari, and many others. As you play the game some of the symbols trigger wins with a combination of two while other need a combination of three or more to trigger wins. Principal Rooney is the highest paying symbol in the base game. He can pay as little as five times your pay line wager and as much as 5000 times based on the number of symbols on the line.

This slot has a base game and a big wheel bonus along with eight mini bonuses that offer you the chance at some extra wins. The Colossal Companion feature brings another set of reels that have a total of nine rows to add to your winning chances.

The game also triggers a bonus feature when the red Ferrari lands on the 5th reel. When this happens you spin the wheel and depending on where the car lands you triggers a bonus game. You either trigger the Ferris Wheel Bonus, Fake Sickness, Pick a Pencil, Swing Batter, Chez Quis Pick a Sausage, Pick a Menu, and Bueller On the Run bonuses.

The game brings all the fun of the movie to you and adds the great extra of winning money. Any fan of the movie is going to get a kick out of this game that brings back memories of a simpler time for many. All the bonus features and awesome graphics just really make this game a great experience all the way around.

4 – Platoon Slot Machine

Platoon is a down and dirty movie about a squad of Army soldiers in the Vietnam War. It has been herald as one of the best Vietnam movies of all time. It showed the way the war really was and the effect it had on the soldiers who were fighting in it. The film has been the recipient of many different awards over the years and boasts a cast of many well-known actors.

The designers of the slot kept with the theme of the game in every aspect. The background of the reels is a jungle theme and the symbols used are all images from the movie. Even the sound effects are those you’d expect to hear in a war zone such as a gun being readied to fire, walkie talkies, and many others gives the game a darker feel than most but works so well with the movie theme.

The game is a 5 reel 30 pay lines set up. The pay lines aren’t fixed so you do have the option to change the number being played. I don’t recommend doing this because if you do this you take a huge chance of missing out on winning combination.

The symbols that you find in the game include the cast of the movie and poker symbols, along with a tank and a helicopter symbols. The tank symbol is the wild and the helicopter triggers the bonus features.

The highest paying symbol of the game is Chris Taylor who’s played by Charlie Sheen. When you get three or more of him on a pay line you can win as much as 1000 times your line bet. Other you’ll see on the reels includes the characters played by Willem Defoe, Tom Berenger, Forest Whitaker, and Keith David. These guys max pay outs range from as little as 80 times to as much as 500 times your pay line bet.

The tank wild symbol subs for any symbol on the reels except the bonus symbol increasing your chance of getting winning combinations. When you get a win that includes a wild the prize amount is tripled plus you get free spins as the tank moves across the screen. The free spins continue until the tank disappears off the screen and you go back to regular play.

When you get three or more of the helicopter symbols on the reels you trigger the free spins bonus. You can trigger between eight and 12 free spins with a multiplier range between five and 15 times your total wager based on the number symbols on the reels. Another great feature during the free spins is that you can retrigger the free spins during the round as well.

The game is a great representation of the movie and the graphics and special features just round out the game. Though the game is a little darker than others, it doesn’t take away from the game at all. In my opinion it adds to the overall feel of the game. If you’re a fan of the movie or just into military themed games this game is for you.

5 – The Wizard of Oz Slot Machine

One of the most popular movies of all time is The Wizard of Oz. The movie is from the era of Technicolor movies but it’s one of those movies that no matter how many times you’ve seen it you can always watch it again. The story of Dorothy and her little dog Toto getting swept away to the land of Oz is a story that when broken down to basics is all about family and friendship and the importance of both.

The movie included some special effects that were way beyond their time and it also has some of the most memorable characters and music of all time. When I found this game I was excited to play and see if it could live up to the movie and I wasn’t disappointed.

The game is a 30 pay line 5 reel slot machine that has a decent betting range as well. You can choice how much you want to wager on each pay line before you spin the reels. The range to choose from starts at 1 penny and goes as high as $5. This makes your minimum bet 30 cents and your max bet $150. You don’t have to play all 30 pay lines if you don’t want to but one thing to remember is for every line you remove that’s another chance you won’t get a win.

The symbols for this game include Dorothy, the game logo, Toto, the Emerald city, Dorothy’s red ruby slippers, the scarecrow, lion, and tin man, Wicked Witch of the West, a hot air balloon, a tornado, and a house.

The Emerald City symbol is a special feature symbol along with the game’s logo. The logo is the wild symbol which subs for any symbol on the reels to make winning combinations. This wild symbol also has pay outs of its own.

This game is full of features that can be triggered. You have the Glenda the Good Witch feature that gives you expanding wilds. Then you have the Oz Pick Feature that lets you choose between a money prize, and the Winged Monkey and Road to Emerald City features.

The Road to Emerald city feature takes you to the bonus round. In the bonus round you choose a single emerald. Behind the emeralds either lies a character based game or a money prize. When you’re taken to a character land you receive gold charms that reveal the next step of the game.

Though the game doesn’t have all the up to date features that so many of the other games have, this game really represents the movie well due to its clearly nostalgic look. This game is a must for anyone who loved the movie as a kid or still does as an adult.

6 – The Mummy Slot Machine

This game is full of fantastic graphics and sound effects just like the movie it’s based on. The movie was a huge hit and has many sequels that have been equally as popular. When the game first loads you get a great intro that builds the excitement for the game.

When the game loads you’re met with a beautifully designed background that looks as though you’re deep in a tomb and you never know what will pop up around the corner.

The game is set up with 5 reels and 25 pay lines. The betting range starts as low as .05 per pay line up to $1 per pay line. This is a lower level betting range that ensures even the most frugal gamblers can play this game.

The symbols used in the game include the cast of the movie in still photos pulled right from the movie, plus the logo, a scary mummy, guns, beetles, tombs and more. All of the symbols are high quality and really give the game a great visual appearance.

The mummy symbol is the wild for the game and subs for any symbol other than the scatter and bonus symbols. The scatter symbol for the game is the logo. It has its own pay out when it appears on the reels three or more times.

The game also has a couple unique features like the randomly triggered bonus features. These features include different games that you can choose on your first entrance into the bonus round.

The Mummy hunt game is one of those games. In this game you search for and kill mummies. Your goal is to kill as many as possible. The game does have a maximum set at 10 during the bonus round though. Your payout is based on the number of mummies you kill.

Another bonus round is the Lost City Adventure; this is where you choose your game. You can choose from many different ones including free spins, collapsing reels, expanding wilds, and more.

This game is action packed and fun to play. Those who love the movie are going to fall head over heels for this game. Not just because of the theme; but the overall feel of the game, the great pay outs, and amazing graphics keep the game interesting the entire time you play.

7 – Ghostbusters Slot Machine

In the 80’s a group of ghost fighters asked “Who you gonna call?” and the world was forever changed. The movie Ghostbusters brought together some of the funniest guys on the planet and gave them a theme that made ghost hunting fun. It was the first ghost themed movie that really wasn’t meant to be scary and kids just flocked to see it.

Over the years Ghostbusters has become almost like a rite of passage. I think it’d be almost impossible to find a single person who doesn’t know who slimmer or the stay puff marshmallow man is. The characters from the movie are iconic and even though the movie is kind of silly it still has a huge fan base.

The game is a 5 reel game with 50 fixed pay lines. This means that you must always play the full 50 pay lines. The only way for you to make changes to your game is through the betting options. The betting options for the game might be a little rich for most people in my opinion. The minimum wager amount is $1 per line and the max is $50 per line. This range is one you see often but it’s sure to draw in the high rollers to the game.

The game includes all the ghostbusters themselves along with many of the tools of the trade as symbols. You can’t miss the special feature symbols since they come in the form of two wild symbols and two bonus symbols. The two wilds are represented by slimmer and another ghost. These symbols sub for any symbol on the reels other than the bonus and scatter symbols.

The bonus symbols are the logo for the game. The only difference between the two is one is the white ghost and the other is slimmer in the logo. When you get different combinations of these symbols on the reels you trigger different features.

When you get two white and one slimmer bonus symbols you trigger the ballroom bonus. In this game you have five chances to use your proton pack to blast away slimmer. Each time you blast an object that he is hiding behind you’re awarded a prize. These prizes are totaled up at the end of the game and added to your bank.

Another combination triggers the Stay Puff bonus. In this game you’re spinning the reels with marshmallows falling from the sky. As they fall they stick to different symbols when a winning combination is met the prize is doubled.

Another feature to trigger is the Psychic feature where you must choose a card and it must match the one being displayed on the screen by Dr. Venkman.

The Paranormal Pick has you following slimmer and making choices. Each choice you make gets you one step closer to a chance at a progressive jackpot. If you get three Ghostbusters icons on the middle line you stand a chance at winning bonus games as well.

Slimer isn’t known for his good deeds but in the Cash Award bonus he is being very generous. When this feature is triggered slimer puts on a show before he offers up a pay out that can be as little as 50x your coin value and up to 1000x your coin value.

Ghostbusters is just one of those movies that even though it’s a little cheesy it really appeals to the vast majority of people. This game has so many great features, and the graphics and special film clips really make this game a must to play anytime you want to play a fun and quirky game.


Movies are such a huge part of our lives. We spend our hard earned money to go to the theater to see them and even buy them when they come out in the stores. We just can’t get enough of this form of entertainment.

With our obsession, there’s no surprise that the influence would bleed into the slot machine world. These games are great and many of them stay true to the film they represent, which always is a great thing because the closer they are to the movie the higher the chance at drawing in the fans.

These slots aren’t the only movie themed slots but they’re the ones that I found to be at the top of the field. The graphics and special features are a couple of the things I find important in slot games that are based off of movies and all of these game do an amazing job in both areas.

I recommend giving any one of these games a try because they all have such great atmospheres that you have fun playing even if you’re losing money.

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