5 Mines Games Bonus Reasons Why Baccarat Is Better Than Blackjack

5 Mines Games Bonus Reasons Why Baccarat Is Better Than Blackjack

I’ve spent years studying casino games trying to determine which games are the best. Many different things go into making a decision like this, so it’s difficult to compare two or more games sometimes.

This is certainly the case with baccarat and blackjack. These are both great games to play because they have a high return to player percentage when you play them the right way.

For starters, baccarat is easier to play the right way than blackjack. This is just one of the five reasons why I think baccarat is a better gambling option than blackjack. Keep reading to learn about why baccarat may be worth your time.

1 – Fewer Options to Complicate the Game

If you’re looking for a simple casino game, blackjack isn’t very high on that list. I’m not saying that blackjack is hard, but it can be somewhat complicated.

On the other hand, real money baccarat is an easy game to play. And that’s because you only have a few options when you play baccarat. And fewer options mean less stress and the opportunity to let your mind take a break.

The first thing to know is that all baccarat games are basically the same. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing old-fashioned baccarat, midi baccarat, or mini baccarat. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing baccarat on a mobile device, on a computer, or in a real casino.

Playing Baccarat and Blackjack

The only variables you have to deal with are deciding how much you’re going to risk when you bet and which of the three wager options you’re going to place a bet on. The amount you bet is somewhat dictated by the table minimum and maximum limits.

These are all the options you have when you play baccarat. But when you play blackjack, you have to consider an almost endless combination of options.

I’m not going to list all of the blackjack options in this article because you can just skip them and play baccarat. But if you’re interested in all of the options in blackjack, start with a full review of all of the possible rule variations.

Many gamblers claim that blackjack is better than baccarat because blackjack has a higher return to player percentage. It’s true that some blackjack games, if you play them the right way, provide a slightly higher return to player percentage than baccarat.

But this is only true in games that have the right set of rules and when you play using perfect strategy. This can be done, but it’s not as easy as playing baccarat. And the difference in return to player is only somewhere around .5%.

2 – Easy Gameplay

I touched on this in the previous section, but this benefit can’t be overstated. Gamblers have their own reasons to play, but many just want to escape from their day-to-day lives. They don’t want to think about much of anything. This is one of the reasons why slot machines are so popular.

The casino industry takes advantage of this by making most easy games available with a low return to player percentage. Slot machines are terrible in comparison to most other games when it comes to the RTP.

Baccarat is just as easy to play as slot machines, and the argument can be made that it’s actually easier. Once you start playing, the only thing you need to do is make a bet on each hand.

And the strategy for baccarat is as simple as it gets. You can learn more about using the best strategy in the next section.

3 – Easier Strategy Than Blackjack

When you play blackjack, you have to figure out the best play on every hand you receive if you want to use strategy. And you have to consider not only your two-card hand, but also what the dealer is showing. Every time you make a mistake when you’re playing a blackjack hand, it costs you money.

Baccarat, on the other hand, has a much simpler strategy than blackjack. The best baccarat strategy is betting on the banker hand and making the table minimum bet amount on every hand.

I know this sounds too easy, but the fact is that this is everything that you can do to play with a high return to player percentage and limit your losses. The return to player on the banker hand after the commission is deducted is almost 99%.

This return to player percentage is better than every game in the casino except a few video poker games and some blackjack games. But you have to use a more complicated strategy when you play these games to get the percentage higher than when you play baccarat.

4 – No Heat

Blackjack players often are watched by casino personnel to determine if they’re counting cards. A blackjack player can use a technique called card counting to get a small edge when they play. This isn’t illegal, but the casinos hate it when players do this and kick the player out of the casino when they think someone is counting.

You might be wondering how the casino can kick you out if you’re not doing anything illegal. The casino can refuse service to anyone because casinos are private businesses. They don’t have to explain why they won’t let you play.

When casinos watch blackjack players it’s often called heat. The odds of you getting kicked out of the casino when you play blackjack if you’re not counting are small. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t watching you.

Casino Gambling

They’re definitely watching you if you’re altering the size of your bets often and are winning.

When you play baccarat, there’s never any heat. The casino knows that there’s really no way to beat baccarat, so they don’t watch the game closely. The only way to beat baccarat is to cheat, and this is difficult to do. And just because the casino isn’t watching closely, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can get away with cheating.

On a side note, if you still decide to play blackjack instead of baccarat—or decide to play both after reading this article—you should learn more about counting. It’s a real way to get an edge for smart players willing to put in some extra work.

5 – Better Mobile and Online Baccarat Bonus Opportunities

Online and mobile blackjack bonuses range from not being available at some casinos to being available but not being very good at other casinos. It’s rare to find a decent bonus for blackjack games.

It’s much easier to find a mobile or online casino baccarat bonus. And it’s easier to find a bonus for baccarat that doesn’t suck.

When you’re looking for a casino bonus, take a few minutes to learn what you have to do to clear the bonus. You’re going to have to play a minimum amount of hands that add up to a set total dollar amount. The higher the dollar amount, the more likely you’re going to run out of money before clearing the bonus.

You’re going to have a hard time winning before clearing any bonus, but many baccarat bonuses are easier to clear than blackjack bonuses.

The reason why it’s important to understand how to clear a bonus is because you can’t request a withdrawal before you clear a bonus. This might not seem fair, but you agree to this condition when you accept the bonus. It’s buried in the fine print that you’re supposed to read.

You should always read the fine print. I understand that it’s long and boring, but if you read it, then you won’t be in for any big surprises.


Is baccarat or blackjack a better game? While it’s easy to argue either side of this debate, the five reasons listed in this article show that baccarat is the best option.

Baccarat offers a combination that no other casino game has available. It’s an easy game to play, has a very simple strategy component, and provides a high return to player number. No other casino game comes close to this winning combination.

If you play mobile or online casino games, baccarat offers another big advantage. The available mobile and online bonuses for baccarat players are better than what blackjack players can get.

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